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South Lancs Music Tuition

The Joy of Music Making

Everyone should be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of making music. At South Lancs Music Tuition, making music is at the heart of every lesson, right from day one.

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Philosophy of Music Education

South Lancs Music Tuition believes passionately in developing a fully rounded musician within the scope of instrumental lessons. Leaving behind more traditional "reading" methods and embracing a more holistic approach, Jacqueline aims to have students creating music from their very first lesson and enjoying being able to express themselves through their playing. 

Above all, each lesson should be an opportunity for real music-making in a relaxed, fun and safe environment to give the student a life-long love of music.

Using a mix of rote learning, aural, improvisation, technique, theory and music history & appreciation to create a tailored lesson structure for each student. In keeping with Paul Harris' Simultaneous Learning structure and the the Curious Piano Teacher's Piano Framework, we use Wunderkeys and Piano Safari as a central part of the curriculum.

With the firm belief that music can be learned at almost any age and that everyone has musical potential.  Students will be taken on a journey of discovery in music with the aim of giving them the skills towards independence, creativity and the chance to become enthusiastic musicians.

Exams within the music curriculum are available but not essential to music progression.

Enhanced DBS

Member of the Musicians' Union

Public Liability Insurance

Member of the Curious Piano Teachers

Jacqueline is a musician and instrumental tutor with thirty years experience as a private and peripatetic teacher specialising in: piano, flute, recorder, theory and aural tuition.

She has also worked extensively as an accompanist for recitals and concerts, working with soloists and choirs at local and national levels, in numerous locations both at home and abroad.  Jacqueline is also available as an organist for weddings, funerals and other occasions.

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