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Meditation by the Sea

The Present

Teacher, therapist, bespoke training developer, cognitive behavioural facilitator, mindfulness practitioner

Throughout my career I have chosen to work with the broken, vulnerable, traumatised and damaged. Addictions, mental health, disability, offending, homeless families, in fact anyone who is struggling.  I have been able to relate to them on so many levels through my own experiences.

My own experience of my own warped thinking took me on a roller-coaster journey to addiction, which brought me to my knees with a death wish.   First it was food-bulimia, then alcohol, drugs and alcohol, all to self-medicate and silence the devilish inner critic.  A single mum with 3 children working full time, who was a success on the outside and passing out every night.

The journey of recovery is what this course is all about.  The journey back to self, the road less travelled.  This is a road map.  For years, I could not love myself.  My kids loved me better.  They saw something in me that I could not see myself.  I had to learn a different way. A way to live in the present. Not drowning in the past or living with the fear of the future.  Learning to sit in the moment and challenge negative, habitual thinking.

I live by what I teach.  I absolutely believe in the potential of everyone to effect positive change in their lives.  I am proof that is true.

Any work I develop is to increase personal efficacy and self-belief.  I provide the scaffolding around change, by providing the 3 core conditions of real communication – congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard.

I firmly believe that no-one chooses to be a bad person.  How they think makes them behave that way.  They learned to think that way and have the capacity to change and develop their own way of being in this world.

I have developed and run cognitive based mindfulness training to serving prison inmates (evaluation available).  I facilitate mindfulness groups in the community and for organisations.  I offer 1-1 counselling and reiki. I have facilitated mediation within families and provided relationship counselling.  I am a confident public speaker within the conference setting.

In short:

Authentic lived experience, coming back from the brink. 

All meaningful and long-lasting change starts on the inside. 

Joy is an inside job

Let me show you how to recover your inner capacity for joy in the present moment.

My gift to you is THE PRESENT

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